About Thirdway Industries


Hi there!

I’m Giovanni, a web art director and illustrator from Milan, Italy. After 10+ years pushing pixels and vectors I wanted to make something physical, and I started drawing playing cards.
I love strong colors, vectors and crazy and unique things.

Thirdway Industries is my brand of products, and you can find on this website everything I make, sooner than anywhere else and with the best offers. There are also some products available on this store only.

If you want to be informed about the news (new products!) and the offers, I really reccomend to join the Thirdway Industries Newsletter. I send newsletter only if I have something important to say, don’t want to spam you.

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Cheers and have fun 🙂


Need assistance or you have questions regarding Thirdway Industries products? Contact me direcly at giovanni-at-thirdway.it – I usually respond very fast 🙂

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